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In Česká spořitelna, we organized a series of activities that helped to adopt new tools and opened a new potential for collaboration and data leverage.

Other companies where we have gained the trust to cooperate:


Business results centric

Many years of experience have taught us to deal with the insidious problems of current data projects. Such as: Gap between IT and business people, over-ambitious project scope,  poor implementation, rejection by employees.


Deep understanding of your business context

It is crucial to fully understad your business priorities, expected benefits, current pain points, potential issues, and the options your data sources, processes and team setup can offer.


Start with the less difficult and the most beneficial use case

After a thorough analysis phase, we identify the use case which will bring the most of you to start with: by enabling your key benefit, we unblock future obstacles and can demonstrate the power of the solution.


Scaling use case throughout company, implementing other cases

Successful use case implementation opens the way for new insights and possibilities across the company. We are able to identify  problem areas to tackle or potential benefit generators which need attention.


Continuous reassurance that key employees understand the benefits

We make sure to identify early on the key participants of your team and ensure a buy-in by understanding their viewpoint, and tailoring how we showcase benefits for them accordingly.

International operation

Projects over

The ongoing digital transformation is changing literally every industry and data is the key currency in the new environment. Since the covid-19 emergency has accelerated the changes, it’s high time to focus on data. With years of experience, we know the common obstacles companies deal with when working with data – and we know how to overcome them and make you succeed.

Tomáš Mátl
Founder at Colours of Data

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