What is the best investment you made in years? And how did your business benefit from it?
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What is the best investment you made in years? And how did your business benefit from it?

For Chris Robbins - CEO  of Tele2 Estonia -  it is Exponea

Exponea is a customer engagement & experience tool we've helped to set up for them - it immediately started building a difference in how this innovative telco operator communicates to their customers and opened up endless possibilities to achieve real customer-centricity.


Exponea started improving important business KPIs for Tele2 right after the launch: for example 30% increase in the number of leads bringing higher contracted revenues. This alone pays for the costs associated with the tool and its implementation.

But even more important is the shift of how Tele2 serves and communicates to their customers. 

Instead of building products and selling those to as many customers as possible, they are building real customer-centricity - figuring out what each individual customer (may) need, and then serving this need in the best way possible - using personalized communication or offer.

Customers are now even more online than before, digitalisation massively increased the need to react quickly, when something important happens to the customer -  e.g. their data allowance is depleted in roaming, or their purchase transaction does not go through for some reason.

Remember – 90% of data that exists in the world is younger than 2 years. This is often data created by us – customers. Brands that will earn our trust and consent to leverage this data will be the winners.

With the new normal brought by Covid this and last year, customer-centricity shall become a part of the business strategy for any B2C business. 

This sounds simple and logical, right?

But to master customer centricity, a company needs to develop several key capabilities:

  • Master the data – complementing the customer profile they’ve always had with real-time interactions and events data that describe how customers use the services and interact in communication channels. This creates a holistic customer that is used to determine their needs and personalise the communication.
  • Their marketing, communication, and loyalty teams need to adopt new ways of data-driven marketing. Most of us know the “spray and pray” approach no longer works. Instead, rich and granular insight allows for “hundreds” of ideas to be quickly tested, evaluated, and those working fine-tuned and scaled. Again, the right use of data is critical to evaluate what works well vs. not so well.
  • Data needs to start “flowing” across the company. Data - even recently - siloed in departmental systems and databases needs to be joined together and ideally enriched by external data from outside. The most interesting facts our customers share about themselves are often outside of our company.

Interested? Get in touch and let's see what use cases would apply best at your company. 

23. 7. 2021
Author: Tomáš Mátl
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