Data integration, enrichment and analytics

Use your data to answer your key business questions

Let your data freely flow through the company, let everyone see and use the power that’s within. Bridge the gap between IT and business people.

Set data free! Connect data from various sources. Let data visualize story of your business. Make it available for your business team

Combine the right data. Get clear picture of your situation. Get it real time with zero delay. Put it to the hand od your business team. They will know better how to make use new insights.

Do not keep data in silos
Avoid manual data inputs

Disconnected data can never tell or display the entire story. An important part is always missing. Poorly consolidated data requires a lot of manual work, which makes it impossible to provide real-time outputs. Imagine you are driving a car where 70% of the windows are blind and you react with a 10 second delay.



Let's first discuss your business needs, targets, pains and goals. Based on this, we identify the potential of data for your team/company as well as the obstacles that should be addressed in order for the data to provide business value.

Data Audit

Get a detailed overview of data circulation in your organization: What assets, types and sources of data do you have? Who has access to it and who really needs to work with it? What data is missing? Building on this knowledge, you can efficiently change the way your company works with data.

Data Consolidation & Enrichment

Consolidating your so far fragmented data in a single source allows you to reach a new level of insight. We provide the right tools as well as necessary training to make it work. To get even deeper, we can enrich your existing data with additional data sources from outside your organization.

Data Analytics

Get the advanced answers to your business questions. Benefit from the descriptive, diagnostic and predictive skills of our analysts who are able to interpret your raw data in a broader context and make sense of them.

Data Visualization

The most powerful is data that tells the story at a glance. We provide you tools for interactive and dynamic data visualization that makes your data more accessible, understandable and persuasive for a broad range of purposes.

Data Automation

Reduce the amount of manual data processing that is time consuming and prone to errors. With data automation, we safe your time and resources. Be sure you will have reliable data anytime and anywhere.

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