Become a company where
data is the new gut feeling

With our guidance, future business leaders leap from flirting with data to working with it as naturally as breathing.

We combine data analytics expertise with business empathy to help you uncover, understand, and leverage the immense, so far untapped power of data.

Let’s get strategic first

The strategy that we help you develop will become the cornerstone of your data transformation programme. It identifies use-cases with the highest business potential, and defines the implementation road map and capability increments to maximise its value. We will also help you design the initial architecture and its additions.

Know your customers inside and out

We will collect, enrich, connect, and clean up your data. The interpretation of the data will then help us come up with insights, stories, and customer journeys. You will get a well-mapped, real-time understanding of your customers’ behaviour and a customer-centric view of your entire business.

Treat each customer as the only one

We will enable you to engage with customers on an individual, highly personalised level. Two things make this possible. The first is collecting the customer interaction data across different touchpoints and channels. The second is using analytics to understand contexts and every customer’s needs. The result? You can engage with each customer at the right time, through the right channels, and with the right message. All of this in an automated way.

Bring the entire company on board

The journey to become a data-driven organisation isn’t finished until this new approach is adopted across the entire organisation. We will help you educate the management and their teams about the required mindset change, explain how the competences and responsibilities of tech and business teams will change, and provide the training necessary to understand the complexity of the change, and build data literacy skills.

“In 2020, there are only a few leading businesses which have yet to implement some sort of analytical programme. Yet according to McKinsey & Company, most data-oriented initiatives underdeliver. The problem? A gap between analytical and business thinking. At Colours of Data, we bridge this gap with our combination of analytical skills and business empathy.”

Tomáš Mátl, Founder at Colours of Data

Analysis ~ Consultancy ~ Execution ~ Support


A thorough dialogue about your business

What challenges are you facing? How can data help you tackle them, and what data is available in the first place? We will dig until we find the necessary answers.


Actionable outcomes within weeks

 We move on to developing a set of recommendations for your specific use case(s) and create a step-by-step implementation road map.


Functional prototype in 2 months

We deliver a proof of concept, help you start off with your prototype, and support you along the way so you can leverage the full potential of all the tools involved.


Productisation and company-wide roll-out

Last but not least, we iterate with you to fully automate and integrate the solution, enabling you to scale it across the entire organisation.

Our clients include:

Our service: Put data at your service

Data analytics includes a broad variety of activities, ranging from data collection to advanced analytical modelling. We always combine these to achieve results as quickly as possible. This is also supported by our agile-inspired working methodology.



  • advanced analytics
  • analytical modelling
  • data consolidation
  • data blending
  • data enrichment
  • data visualizations



  • efficient campaigns
  • efficient supply chain
  • customer retention
  • fraud detection
  • customer behaviour prediction
  • credit scoring
  • customer engagement
  • ...and many more...

Tools that fit your particular business needs

We do not deliver platform, we deliver solutions. The problem with any out-of-box platform is always the same: you pay for features you don’t use while the feature that is key for your business is not working as needed. That’s why we at Colours of Data use a comprehensive portfolio of tools, easily adjustable and compatible with each other, that allow us to create a solution truly customized for your case.

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