Česká spořitelna is the bank with the longest tradition on the Czech market. It has been one of the fundamental pillars of the Czech banking system for almost 200 years.

Tableau is a visual analytics platform transforming the way we use data to solve problems—empowering people and organisations to see and understand their data.

This workshop is a vital part of Česká spořitelna Digital Academy, with the goal of transforming Česká spořitelna to a truly data-driven company.

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For several years, Tomáš Mátl (Colours of Data) has been helping companies understand and leverage internal data and enrich it with external information.

However, he often encounters occasions where the internal data itself is fragmented. This results in business opportunities being lost and lagging behind competitors.

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Workshop for European Women on Boards (EWoB)

We run another seminar for the female leaders under the umbrella of EWoB mentoring program.

The webinar "Making the most of your company's data - and the data you don't even have yet" focused on organisation's transformation process to data-driven and customer-centric company.

We spoke about the importance of business-focused goals and necessity of a cross-company alignment. In the end, the most discussed topic became how to handle the cultural change needed for successful user adoption.

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Digitalization was one of the leading topics in the business world for quite some time. Companies were trying hard to leverage all the trends in digital for keeping up with the ever-changing needs of customers. With Covid-19, everything accelerated tremendously...
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Source:, 25. května 2020, 14:30

Digital academy

As the new run of Digital Academy has started in mid March, we had a great opportunity again to expose 30 brave ladies and future data analysts to the basics of data analytics. We run this during one-day weekend course and - as usual, tried to explain the data world in simple, specific and example-driven manner. We appreciated the attention and energy students invested into the seminar. And - as most of the feedback suggested - participants found the session very useful and insightful: "I appreciated that the course run by Tomas, was well structured, with lots of practical examples and inspirational." We love to teach by examples how technology and big data can improve quality of products and services, increase profit margins and bring new opportunities. Important Thank You goes to Michal Heřmanský of Billigence for help in the preparation and delivery of the seminar.

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Why business leaders should personally care about adopting big data and data analytics?

There are few business leaders nowadays that would not recognise the importance of adopting data analytics and big data capabilities for their businesses. But not always they understand the full extent of the implementation and adoption tasks. Sometimes they tend to believe this should be more a technology initiative, rather than business-driven change program. Not so. To get business leaders educated on the aspects of digitalisation, big data, data analytics and implementation and adoption aspects, we were delivering 3-part series of educational seminars targeted to female managers and business leaders running CZ businesses (as a part of Odyssey mentoring program).
On 18th January, Tomáš Mátl hosted already the final module of the program, focused on the trends across business verticals, typical business use-cases for analytics and tools and models that address those use-cases. Key success factors for adoption of the big data and analytics program have been covered along with case studies of both successful as well as failed programmes. The discussion proved the high level of interest for getting familiar with ways of discovering and leveraging the powers of digital and data words. We really appreciated very positive feedback of the attendees on quality and usability of the discussed content.

Events Workshop

Workshops for foundation

CoD had the pleasure to host the first of a 3-part series of interactive workshops focused on data and business digitalisation. The events are organised by the foundation and form part of the educational platform for female business leaders in the Czech Republic.

This introductory session addressed the business change driven by digitalisation and related underlying trends in technology, business environment and consumer behaviours. The impact on how companies need to change their customer propositions, as well as ways to make them available to their customers have been discussed through the review of specific case-studies.

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Joining digitalization meetup group

It was a pleasure for us to kick off the Digitalization meetup group on 7th Jan in Prague. The group (run by Lukáš Soukup) focuses on opportunities and challenges brought about by digitalisation and digital technologies. Tomas from CoD presented how digitalisation changes today's businesses and what needs to happen for companies to successfully adapt to it. We enjoyed the interesting discussion with room full of digitalisation enthusiasts about changes they need to initiate in their organisations in order to capitalise on using advanced data analytics, big data and automation.

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Why Did We Take the Lecturing Role at Czechitas Digital Academy

In the evening of 14th June, hundreds of people gathered in one of the palaces in Prague, to conclude and cheer for the effort that some 30 girls and ladies have put in the past weeks into their final Digital Academy projects. Projects that were their final course work for the Czechitas digital academy program. For the second time in a row, Colours of Data is has been a proud partner of this 12-week-long IT and data-centric course. Here is, how do our consultants perceive their involvement.

Our Projects Tools

Is Matillion becoming the markets' next favourite tool?

One of the paradigms we stand for as we work for the client is to always cater the solution exactly to her needs. As obvious as this sounds, we stretch that approach to include not only the to the business case. Instead, we stay flexible even when it comes to the implementation of specific tools. In February this year we decided to revise and update what we know about the current state-of-the art data tools. Today, we look closer at the one we decided to go further within one of our projects.

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Big Data versus Big Investment

A phenomena affecting predominantly some of middle-sized, well-established companies could easily be called “We can not afford diving into big data”. Information technologies are developing extremely fast and what might have been too tricky yesterday might be solvable today. Let us talk some of the categories within “we can not afford” that we have observed.


Starting guide to GDPR in your company

The General Data Protection Regulation adopted by the EU, also known as GDPR,  aims to strengthen EU citizens’ rights regarding their personal data protection. While some institutions started with its’ implementation already, others still seem not to understand the extent and impact of the change both on their internal processes and systems, as well as their products. An upcoming series of articles will cover both basics of the regulation and opinions on possible best-case scenarios.

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Big Data - Jsou i pro mě? 17.5.2018, 15:30, Praha 1, Opero, Salvátorská 8

Srdečně vás zveme na workshop 17.5.2018 od 15:30 v Operu, vstup volný. Registrace zde.

Big Data už nějakou dobu hýbou světem. Některé firmy mají na práci s daty postavený celý svůj business, jiné se snaží s nimi začít smysluplně pracovat, některé nakupují technologie, aby “byly ready”. Která z těchto cest je správná? Lze se dnes bez práce s daty obejít?

Na základě případových studií si ukážeme, že téměř v každé fázi rozvoje firmy a "datové gramotnosti" existuje způsob, jak data správně využívat a těžit z nich důležité informace pro běh a řízení firmy.

GDPR Events Workshop

GDPR jako konkurenční výhoda, 17.5.2018, 11:30, Praha 1, Opero, Salvátorská 8

Srdečně vás zveme na workshop 17.5.2018 od 11:30 v Operu, vstup volný. Registrace zde.

Pojďme využít zavedení nové  EU regulace jako příležitosti k rozvoji vašich produktů a služeb, v jejichž centru stojí vaši zákazníci, jejich potřeby i perfektně chránené osobní údaje.  

Let's use GDPR implementation as an opportunity to grow your own company into a Customer-centric business.

Eva Hankusová: Moje cesta k datové analytice

Na říjen tu máme příběh letošní absolventky Digitální akademie v Praze, která po skončení kurzu začala pracovat v Colours of Data. Eva během rodičovské dovolené založila komunitní centrum, ale posléze chtěla proniknout do světa IT. Digitální akademie ji nadchla natolik, že se s námi Evča rozhodla také spolupracovat. A my jsme za to moc rádi!

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