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Be a trendsetter - understand the need before the demand

Achieve your goals by understanding what your dream customer needs and be able to make the right move at the right time

Always have immediate and relevant information about your business situation 

No need to wait for static reports from various sources - we let you discover and connect the rich data set you own.  We make information easily accessible & readable in different level of details depending on audience -  whenever you need it.

Stay one step ahead of trends 

We let you be proactive and predictive - be able to see the trends, connect the dots and able to generate your own insight.

Identify and provide care to the most valuable customers 

Minimize churn and increase the loyalty of your valuable customers. We enable you with a multi-channel tool to be able to target segmented customers with personalized offers. 


Solution consultation

Find the most benefitial solution for utilization of your customers’ data. Based on your as-is situation and target goals, we consult with you the pros and cons of different tools.
We are proud partners of Exponea/Bloomreach but we have a good overview of a full range of tools on the market.

Use Cases definition

Move from initial ideas to a blueprint. Following the analysis of your possibilities and capabilities, we define a set of use cases in which data can boost your business. For each one, we propose specific steps in line with your business needs.

Design & Architecture

While designing the system and its detailed architecture, we work in close cooperation with your team. We add value by combining our experience, digital marketing and data analytics skills to offer you a complex solution extending the limits of a particular tool.

System Integration

Be sure the new solution will naturally fit into your existing environment. We always design it with your existing systems in mind, ensuring they function together and deliver the targeted results. And of course we will take responsibility of the integration itself.

Campaign setup

Let’s try the new solution on a real use by setting up first campaigns. Working already with real data, we discuss your needs and tailor custom reporting dashboards so that you are able to efficiently monitor performance and measure success.


Your team will always have our skilled consultants on hand. We know that continuous guidance and performance improvement is absolutely essential for successful utilization of data.


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