Integrating data sources: First step towards data driven marketing
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Integrating data sources: First step towards data driven marketing

The Hungarian telecommunications operator Yettel decided to improve its customer engagement by leveraging  multi-channel personalized communication with its clients. For it to work, a detailed customer insight is needed. We helped them to create a 360° view of a customer. A comprehensive image of the customer is generated based on their interactions with the company's communication channels, use of services and other relevant data.


Yettel was searching to acquire new personalized ways of communication with their customers.

This project represents a joint collaboration of Colours of Data and Yettel Hungary teams.


Because Bloomreach’s internal delivery team doesn’t support large enterprise projects in telco industry, the company passed this request to Colours of Data. Beyond designing and implementing the solution, CoD was asked to deliver a "system integrator" function, i.e. coordinating all the parties involved in the project and assuming responsibility for the overall project management and delivery.

Additionally, one of the Yettel’s business objectives was a systematic client migration from pre-paid SIM to post-paid SIM contracts. 

The whole project is planned for 2.5 years, and it represented a challenging accomplishment for such a large corporation like Yettel.


The project has been running since March 2020 up until today. In the initial phase of the project, Colours team analyzed the business requirements collected by Yettel earlier and designed a solution. 

The long project was broken down into 9 drops, where each drop was delivering a specific business value for a specific part of the business. It was planned to increase a sophistication of the solution across the drops, along with growing internal expertise of the client teams, etc. 

The Colours team prepared an integration roadmap and step-by-step implemented and enabled Bloomreach-based omnichannel communication, which included emails, SMS, push notifications, website and mobile app, as well as social media like Facebook and Google, self-care, support agents and sales channels. 

Within the Bloomreach platform, all the channels are fully harmonized and are programmed to achieve the client’s business goals by providing tailor-made client offers in the real-time and optimizing for the best business strategy. With its help, it was possible to enable a smooth transition from pre-paid SIM to post-paid SIM contracts among many others.


The Colours of Data experts added value and brought in new capabilities. 

The team  designed the CRM integration architecture and process, helped with its technical implementation and trained the Yettel team to use the digital capabilities that they have gained effectively and efficiently.

In addition our role on the project was evolving from the partner who:

  •  created a conceptual design of the solution along with the architecture
  • prepared an integration roadmap for the entire project (9 drops) incl. project plan
  • led the integration and implementation activities, guiding local teams on how to perform the tasks
  • project managed the whole thing including the period when PM expert was missing on the client side 

…to the partner who helped much more on the business side as the local team managed to build their tech and integration expertise internally. Later on, we helped with:

  •  Creating sophisticated campaign scenarios allowing to optimise conversion of key business activities (e.g. pre-post migration)
  • helped with adoption of the new solution by the business users in the company by increasing their expertise in using the tool and evolving their marketing thinking
  • drew the roadmap towards using AI in the marketing activities to maximise the value of data
  • helped to quantify the business benefits the solution has brought to the business teams.
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