Kulturní změna, adopce řešení, školení

Adoptujte ve společnosti data-driven postupy

Data only work if it is used. Naturally and by all departments. Spread new ways of working and thinking. Let the data-driven culture enhance your company’s performance.

Help your team to adapt and enjoy the benefits of the changes
Make your company data-savvy

While changes are good and getting a new tool always opens up a new horizont, adapting to the new ways of working might not come naturally.
Enabling your team to be an early adapter is the last key after-care step for any succesful digital project.

Do not let obsolete processes fail your projects
Do not allow resistance to block your progress

It is critical to ensure that old habits and processes won’t result under-utilization or incorrect use of your new solution.
Even the most succesful project’s result can quickly lapse in case the new solution has not been fitted into reviewed processes.



Learn how to pave the way to full adoption of data-driven culture in your company. We help you identify obsolete processes and recommend preventive steps to ensure easy onboarding of all team members.


Boost the implementation of new tools and approaches by onsite trainings. Whether you want your teams improve in data storytelling, visualization, data analytics, or digital marketing best practices, we always tailor the content of the training to your needs an wishes.


Try a creative, intensive and effective way to crack complex issues. Hackatons provide unique platform for various professionals to focus on particular subject. Benefit from our experience with planning, preparing and faciliating such events, and get the most of it.


Focused workshops enable your team to reach its goals more efficiently, while not requiring the same level of intensity as a hackathon. Take advantage of our assistance in preparing and facilitation of workshops eiither as part of our projects, or as one-off exercise.

Working frameworks

Find new ways of working and thinking, inherent to the data-driven culture, that will simplify and streamline you operation. Building on extensive industry & professional experience, we propose you a complex framework that suits your habits.

Demo presentation

Would you like to examine the new tools before the final decision? Try a customized demo. We will set up the tools to match the future usage as much as possible and show you its benefits in action.


Uspořádali jsme workshopy i další aktivity, které zaměstnancům pomohly, osvojit si nové nástroje. Otevřeli jsme potenciál pro využití dat.
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