195% YoY increase in online traffic
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UK loyalty leader

195% YoY increase in online traffic

as outcome of our efforts at our UK based Loyalty & Customer Engagement provider client


Existing loyalty proposition needed a boost 

Our client's focus was on creating a unique loyalty proposition to a UK-based retail bank - to reach new customers via personalized communication, and to steer traffic towards digital channels achieving real-time engagement.

The ultimate goal was to significantly increase customers registering & booking online.

Low level of personalization & engagement

The as-is environment did not allow enough flexibility to be able to personalize propositions based on customer behavior and to utilize the gathered data to measure and optimize the results of their marketing campaigns.

Underutilized digital channels

Limited communication channels were available to contact customers: call-center and email only. 

Our client was in need of a flexible omni-channel solution that enables and strengthens digital channels and which can be easily integrated into the existing infrastructure.


Paving the road to digital marketing automation capability 

Colors of Data have run a full-blown, yet fast and focused RFP process to select a best-in-class marketing automation capability. 

The winner - Exponea - was selected based on key decision attributes:

  • the most advanced data analytics and AI-driven recommendation capabilities for personalization and multi-channel real-time engagement
  • intuitive, business-user focused interface for marketers to define segmentation and campaign logic
  • favorable price-benefit ratio

Implementing quick wins

As the first implementation, CoD facilitated an upgrade of a loyalty proposition for a major UK retail bank. The proposition required

  • digitalization
  • introduction of new mobile-centric digital channels
  • personalization delivered over harmonized digital channels 

to increase relevance and value for the customers. 

We have been involved in the following phases of the implementation project:

  • defining of the initial business use-cases to deliver first results quickly
  • creating the solution implementation roadmap and data integration design
  • helping the client team with the adoption of the new way of thinking to fully leverage the technology

Benefits our client enjoys as a direct result of our project:

Early improvements delivered by the first personalized campaigns

  • 45% + email open rates by using simple segmentation of the target groups
  • 7% + email CTRs by utilizing A / B testing of email templates
  • 15% + online registration increase by stimulating users to register to an online channel

Tangible results of the targeted Exponea campaign

  • 47% new members booked online
  • 35% open rate & 15% click-through rate sent to 1.5 m customers - highest rates in the history of client
  • 2x engagement boost (registered / non-registered ratio)

Key improvements for the client's team and loyalty proposition:

  • Customer insight creation enabling personalized engagement on the individual level 
  • Flexibility for the marketing team to create personalized campaigns, monitor their performance and make real-time adjustments as required
  • Real-time capability to measure customer's interactions with the communication and offers, leading to increased opportunity for cross-selling and value for the customer
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