Revolutionizing hospital operation with data
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Bulovka (zastaralá)

Revolutionizing hospital operation with data


Bulovka  - a Cezch healthcare facility - joined with Colours of Data as data insight enablear and with Deeplab as service provider for a revolutionary project as part of an university initiative.

The initiative is to utiize the wast amount of information from a patient simply capturing their movement and vital signals, and making this information available in an easy to digest format.

The project is hoped to make way for future use in healthcare, using the wide amount of information captured from bed-ridden patients.


The solution provided by Deeplab is using sensors via a pad placed on mattresses, which real-time captures the micro-movements of the body.

This information has been captured, sorted, organized and being visualized by Colours of Data team in an effort to provide meaningful, effective visual work aid to healthcare professionals, using a layered level of information in our dashboard, slicing it to be able to focus on a given hospital floor or to a patient.

The data become available in a historical view as well, and end users can deep dive into it using customized filters.


The end results proves benefits across several fields:

  • Better ways of working, less human effort: monitor all information available on a patient or by a whole ward by once glance over a summary dashboard - cut back time spent running back-and-forth between buildings, rooms, machines and patients
  • Save lives by immediately recongizing a strange pattern in data or a patient not occupying their bed anymore
  • Improved experience for the patients: quick care when needed, less unnecessary visit or questions, more organized care

The project does not stop: nearly 30 hospitals, clinics and other care facilities are testing the project: smart beds that monitor the patient's condition themselves with sensors in mattresses.

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