Reduced efforts increase results: 10% revenue increase while emailing 80% less customers
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Hollywood Bowl

Reduced efforts increase results: 10% revenue increase while emailing 80% less customers

Exponea integration at Hollywood Bowl


Hollywood Bowl Group is a market leading entertainment company with 72 bowling and mini-golf centres across the United Kingdom and Canada, under the Hollywood Bowl, Puttstars and Splitsville brands. Their passion is to bring families and friends together for affordable fun and enjoying good times together.

Hollywood Bowl has been looking for a solution to reduce time spent on marketing campaigns, and which allows more insight about their customers and about customer behaviour – as they are a truly customer centric company, understanding who their loyal customer base is, and how to reach them the most efficient way was a key factor when they chose Exponea.


Colours of Data team has stepped in as system integrator into the project:

  • After evaluating the business needs and technical feasibilities we have delivered the technical documentation of the solution
  • Actively participated in guiding through the client integrating Exponea into their IT landscape – by enabling tracking, getting regular and historical data imported and integrating all communication channels.
  • Shaped the use cases with best practices and get the team onboard with scenario setting, business logic, visual builder best practices, coding and reporting

Increasing revenue by reducing efforts: by contacting the most engaged customers and also being able to very clearly target customers based on their previous purchase history keeps driving more revenue while emailing significantly less customers.

2.7 × more responses both from opt-in and out customers on surveys.

Saving days of work by:

  • using Exponea catalogs to dynamically pull in images, URLs, data and more, and using drag and drop content – saving all content blocks with dynamic images and copy
  • automating booking confirmations and password reset –Exponea makes it effortless to make amendments & test their success while the flow is live – reducing 1 day of efforts of 2-3 team members to a 15 mins job
  • using real time reporting dashboards enable quick and effortless insights on topics such as email or trigger performance - for example all emails with live revenue attribution in the last 14 days visible
  • the ability to tag initiatives for easier future search of specific questions – for example when did we first start to promote a new feature?

More insights and ways of personalization:

  • Full purchase history available for analysis
  • Dynamic personalization enabled on customer and product level as well
  • Branded communication: automated branding became available by pulling the company’s logo dynamically – avoiding time spent on building separate versions.

The project enabled the future rollout of more features:

  • A/B testing
  • Send time optimization
  • Clear concise reporting
  • Specific email campaigns based on purchase history and customer data
  • Welcome journeys
  • Automation of Paid Social data and adhoc data capture feeding into Exponea
What they said
Sonal Patel
CRM Manager

The tool helps us work smarter not harder and giving us more time back to be able to focus on not only on BAU but on projects that will make a big impact to the business.

Ruth Edwards
CRM Manager

Working with Colours of Data was an absolute pleasure. I felt like the team were strategic partners and an extension of our team and knew our data set thoroughly.

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