Tele2 Estonia

Monthly average +600 visitors turned to leads via digital channels

as a result of analysing customer behaviour across channels, and triggering conversations

Tele2 Estonia faced difficulties to source enough real-time data on visitors’ behavior to be able to turn them to prospects, target them with customized offers, and react instantly. Due to Covid-19 it become pressing for the company to gain ability to capture and keep the attention of online visitors.

Anonymous visitors
Anonymous visitors remained unidentified during their journey via website or webshop, without clear insight on their browsing behavior and interest: it was not clear who could be converted into a lead and how.

Abandoned shopping carts
A remarkably high rate of customers were abandoning their shopping carts at checkout, leaving without purchase. No insight was available as to why they left without purchase.

Device / tariff upselling
Some customers grew to be unsatisfied with their contracted packages – were not fully able to utilize their content and enjoy the best price/value ratio. Tele2 EE needed a solution to be able to customize their offering.

Pandemic threat
Covid-19 has hit the market & changed the ways of operation within days. Tele2 EE needed to fully digitalize their customer’s user journey from one day to another, eliminating classic retail and fully focusing on webshop, web and call center.



How we helped Tele2 EE to turn visitors to (happy) customers

We identified the steps leading to improved customer engagements
During a scoping phase, we understood what our possibilities are  based on current and new data sources and channels & we defined use cases to reach Tele2 EE’s business targets.

We made data easily accessible and meaningful for business processing
We combined available data sources to create a centralized customer insight hub: by merging customer profile data with interactions data via different communication & sales channels.

We enabled Tele2 EE team to target customers with personalized, customized communication
The insights gained by integrating data and implementing Exponea enabled the team to run campaigns and communication activities tailored exactly to the needs of a particular customer.



Results achieved as outcome of our collaboration

1900 high quality leads brought in over 57000 EUR of contracted revenue in one quarter
A dynamically increasing number of visitors are being transformed to leads, which triggers revenue growth from month by month.

+14 000 EUR revenue generated from new device purchase in just one month
The newly implemented personalized weblayer has enabled a boost in device sales from customers with old devices.

Increased customer satisfaction, higher retention
Satisfaction survey has been introduced for retention of referrals.
Facebook & Google is being actively utilized for social affirmation to upsell devices and tariffs.





What the client said

Working with Colours of Data is really cool: they have brought new perspective into our work, but at the same time it felt like they were always part of the team. Our project on Exponea implementation changed our mindset about campaigns & communication, and showed us the future – well triggered communication in the right channels!
Liina Liiv, Head of Marketing & Communication at Tele2 Estonia

Exponea is the best platform decision we have made in years - really happy!
Chris Robbins, Chief Customer Officer & CEO at Tele2 Estonia



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