Data Consultant - UK
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Data Consultant - UK

18. 6. 2021
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London office
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Within the role of Data Consultant, you will form a part of the Colours of Data core delivery team. You will work on implementation projects that aim to change the way how companies work with data, deliver business-critical information to the business teams and regularly interact with the business (and technical) community on the Client side.

 This is what you need to feel comfortable in your role:

  • Having a working base preferably in the UK;
  • Experience in SQL and data analysis 
  • Experience with contemporary analytical tools (Alteryx, Keboola, PowerBI, Tableau, Qlik) or confidence you will learn them fast;
  • Strong business sense and ability to turn the problem into a solution;
  • Ability to talk to Client teams to understand their problems and use-cases
  • Experience or interest in analytical tools – Python or R is a plus;
  • Sharing our passion in helping our client’s to become data-driven;
  • Being a team player, able to cooperate with various people around you – Colours of Data or Client;
  • Proactive, positive and informative communication;

This is what may be a part of your daily job:

  • Help in defining the overall solution that is being delivered by the project;
  • Interaction with the Client and Colours of Data team to continuously confirm the delivery is on the right path;
  • Responsibility for the delivery of the solution part / component;
  • Regular short-term travels around the UK or EU states to meet and work with the Client;
  • Meeting other Clients for discussions that shall lead to winning new projects through getting them excited about our ability to deliver unexpected and quick results;

What can you expect being a part of Colours of Data:

  • Stimulating solution-searching atmosphere in the team, who lives on building unexpected and innovative solutions to people’s everyday problems;
  • Support and leadership that will help you to grow fast and be always few steps ahead of they industry fellows;
  • A friendly and flexible environment where people inspire each other even in non-working matters;
  • Tough competition if you are a runner or a cyclist :-)

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