Data Solution Architect

Within the role of Data Solution Architect you will be the key part of the Colours of Data delivery team from the architecture point of view. You will creatively work on projects that influence the Client and aim to change the way how companies work with their data. You will deliver business-critical information to the company and regularly interact with the business (and technical) community on the Client side.

This is what you need to feel comfortable in your role:

  •  You are naturally interested in business challenges and trends across various industries to lead conversations with Clients about their business problems and needs,
  • You enjoy asking the right questions and listen carefully, to fully understand the context and extent for the solution client may need,
  • You are able to decompose the problem and materialize your thoughts and understanding into a tailored, creative solution consisting from various analytical tools,
  • You enjoy to guide others on how to use data to drive the business value and to empower Client business teams to make data-drive decisions,
  • You like building solution prototypes to impress the Client by the solution they never realized may exist actually,
  • You enjoy being two steps ahead of the crowd, keeping an eye on new important trends,
  • Your job is your playground with new technologies to satisfy your creativity and deliver something really valuable,
  • Professional level of English,
  • Experience with contemporary analytical tools (Alteryx, Keboola, PowerBI, Microstrategy,Tableau, Qlik), confidence you will learn them fast,
  • Experience with advanced analytical tools – Python or R is a big plus,
  • Sharing our passion in helping our clients to improve and grow,
  • Being a team player, able to cooperate with various people around you – Colours of Data or Client.

This is what may be a part of your daily job:

  • Defining the overall solution that is being delivered by the project,
  • Responsibility for the solution delivery,
  • Interaction with the Client and Colours of Data team to continuously confirm the delivery is on the right path,
  • Regular short-term travels to the UK or other EU states to meet and work with the Client,
  • Meeting other Clients for discussions that shall lead to winning new projects through getting them excited about our ability to deliver unexpected and quick results.

What can you expect being a part of Colours of Data:

  • Stimulating solution-searching atmosphere in the team, who lives on building unexpected and innovative solutions to people’s everyday problems;
  • Support and leadership that will help you to grow fast and be always few steps ahead of the industry fellows;
  • Friendly and flexible environment where people inspire each other even in non-working matters,
  • Tough competition if you are a runner or a cyclist :-)


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