Data-driven Marketing Specialist

We are looking for a marketing-minded colleague with an analytical focus to join the team. You will be part of a team that delivers state-of-the-art comprehensive marketing automation solution for large, corporate clients. 


This is what may be a part of your daily job:

  • communication with clients, collecting, analyzing, and understanding their requirements and priorities,
  • design of application and integration architecture in accordance with the needs of the client,
  • co-creating campaign concepts that use data, personalization, and multi-channel communication to increase efficiency and optimize the customer experience,
  • working with tools that we implement for clients - Exponea, Tableau and others
  • client training, inspiration on how to think differently so that the tools we implement are used correctly,
  • cooperation on the design and implementation of technical integration,
  • definition of KPIs and creation of campaign reports,
  • preparation of presentations with a solution proposal or reports for the client.


This is what you need to feel comfortable in your role:

We are looking for someone who has:

  • 2-5 years of experience in marketing in the online or digital world - CRM / CVM, e-mailing, PPC, social and more,
  • experience in creating reports to evaluate the performance of campaigns and the attribution of sales to marketing activities,
  • analytical and data-driven thinking in a marketing environment,
  • business thinking - finding opportunities to help improve client's business,
  • good communication skills - professional conduct and ability to communicate well orally and in writing with clients,
  • the ability to think in a structured way about the problem, the causes and to design a solution plan,
  • reliability and ability to work independently
  • at least a basic understanding of technologies such as JSON, XML, API,
  • English at a very good level (at least B2) - the ability to discuss complex topics with international clients and colleagues.



  • Previous experience with Exponea or another marketing automation tools
  • Any development experience - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Python, any other.
  • Previous experience with maximizing the value of the customer base (Customer Value Management)
  • Graphic skills and experience
  • Interest in Machine Learning and AI


What can you expect being a part of Colours of Data:

  • Working in a small but fast-growing company on projects in the Czech Republic and EU and UK
  • Interesting projects for important customers in a team of complementary and supportive people
  • Close cooperation on large projects, where you will learn a lot about modern marketing communication and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in business
  • Flexible working hours and the possibility of remote work.

Please, send your CV and motivation letter to

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