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Why business leaders should personally care about adopting big data and data analytics?

Updated on  February 9, 2019

There are few business leaders nowadays that would not recognise the importance of adopting data analytics and big data capabilities for their businesses. But not always they understand the full extent of the implementation and adoption tasks. Sometimes they tend to believe this should be more a technology initiative, rather than business-driven change program. Not so. To get business leaders educated on the aspects of digitalisation, big data, data analytics and implementation and adoption aspects, we were delivering 3-part series of educational seminars targeted to female managers and business leaders running CZ businesses (as a part of Odyssey mentoring program).
On 18th January, Tomáš Mátl hosted already the final module of the program, focused on the trends across business verticals, typical business use-cases for analytics and tools and models that address those use-cases. Key success factors for adoption of the big data and analytics program have been covered along with case studies of both successful as well as failed programmes. The discussion proved the high level of interest for getting familiar with ways of discovering and leveraging the powers of digital and data words. We really appreciated very positive feedback of the attendees on quality and usability of the discussed content.

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