Boost your business.
Within weeks. With data.

Benefit from the unique combination of data analytics expertise and business empathy of Colours of Data.

Using advanced analytics, big data and automation, we help you build business insight, capitalize on opportunities and tackle challenges.

Find the right solution for your business challenges. It's there, in your data.

No matter your business area and the issue you tackle, you already have answers to all your business difficulties in your data. Fraud? Dropping margins? Customer retention issues? Let us find the underlying causes and relations and determine which actions will bring the greatest benefit.

Become truly data-driven. Prepare for challenges of digitalization.

Digitalisation brings a fundamental shift to businesses in multiple industries, forcing them to rethink the way they operate. We help you to define a step by step strategy that will guide you to become a fully digital and data-driven company.

Ensure your data analytics investment is used properly. And reach its full potential.

Big data analytics can provide business value only if you clearly quantify your expectations and business benefits it should bring. We always start our projects by helping you to define relevant use cases with the highest potential and the role data analytics can play in your business. Once we have established clear objectives, we plan and deliver the solution to leverage the potential of your data analytics investment.

“There are few business leaders these days, whose companies would not have implemented an analytical program of some sort. Yet, according to McKinsey & Company, the majority of analytics initiatives delivers below expectations, mostly because the gap between analytical and business thinking. Colours of Data helps to bridge this gap by combining analytical skills and business empathy.”

Tomáš Mátl, founder

Analysis ~ Consultancy ~ Execution ~ Support


Clearly identified needs

We always start with thorough dialogue about your company and context of your business. This helps to clearly identify your needs and prioritize those with potential of immediate and significant value.


First results within weeks

After the initial analysis, we deliver a functional prototype as a proof of concept of the recommended solution. You can test it and plan whatever next steps feel right, but the key thing is you already have something that works.


Scale the case across the company

In our experience analytics models built for specific case do not usually work universally. To ensure scalability we design your initial solution to be adaptable to other areas of the business and, later, to the company as a whole.

Some of our success stories...

Our service: Put data at your service

Data analytics includes a broad variety of activities, ranging from data collection to advanced analytical modelling. We always combine these to achieve results as quickly as possible. This is also supported by our agile-inspired working methodology.


  • advanced analytics
  • analytical modelling
  • data consolidation
  • data blending
  • data enrichment
  • data visualizations


  • efficient campaigns
  • efficient supply chain
  • customer retention
  • fraud detection
  • customer behaviour prediction
  • credit scoring
  • customer engagement
  • ...and many more...

Tools that fit your particular business needs

We do not deliver platform, we deliver solutions. The problem with any out-of-box platform is always the same: you pay for features you don’t use while the feature that is key for your business is not working as needed. That’s why we at Colours of Data use a comprehensive portfolio of tools, easily adjustable and compatible with each other, that allow us to create a solution truly customized for your case.

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