Help driving Client’s projects focused on digitalization and automation

  • Our Clients are reputable companies in the Czech Republic, UK and Germany that rethink the way to operate in a world of digitalization.
  • We use advanced data analytics over big data, machine learning and automation to create the right solution to Client´s business challenges.
  • We also help them to deliver their projects by providing them our capacities and expertise in many areas.
  • Therefore we are searching for the people who want to be embodied in interesting projects of inspiring companies.

What do we offer to you?

  • Opportunity to drive interesting and innovative projects in inspiring companies that lead the way in their industries.

  • Work in inspiring and multi-cultural environment across CZ, SK, UK and Germany.

  • We negotiate the deal with the Client on your behalf.

  • We manage the entire administration and paper work.

  • We provide a comprehensive support and preparation for interviews with the key stakeholders in the Client´s company.

  • We support you during your Client assignment (ensuring both you and the client are satisfied, providing you with needed expertise and advice, mentoring and other support if you may need) – you will not be a lone soldier :-)

  • Chance to get into the world of big data and analytics


Frequent questions and answers


1. What is a typical project where I could participate?

Usually our projects result from our other data analytics engagements with the Client. Projects may relate to various business areas, such as strategy, sales, finance, marketing or IT. They may be dealing with transformation of how Clients operate, creating solutions driving operation automation and efficiency increase as well as new products and services development.

 2. What are your typical customers?

Big corporations (Telco Banky Energetika,..) on one side, fast growing start ups on the other side

 3. Which roles are sought the most after?

  • Project manager
  • Data analyst
  • Business analyst
  • Financial analyst
  • Solution architect
  • CRM architect

Simply, our customers are looking for experienced experts, proficient in English, interested in getting experience across business and abroad.

 4. How long are those projects typically?

Usually the duration of the project is 6 - 12 months.

 5. How the recruitment process looks like?

a) Upon your expressed interest, you will have your first interview with us in Prague or in London (we share information about the project needs and your experiences).

b)Then we set up an interview with our Client (the travel cost is covered, if on-site interview is needed).

 6. How the project engagement typically look like?

You work within the Client environment as per agreed terms and content. In advance of the term coming up, we will discuss with you whether you would like to extend the assignment. If yes, we will jointly approach the Client to negotiate the extension. If the project is abroad, we help you to arrange reallocation however you will need to pay for transport and accommodation. (if it is not agreed with customers differently).

 7. What happens if I start to work for the Client and I don’t like it?

The period of notice is one moth – so you need to let us know one month in advance and we will manage the transition and communication with the Client.



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