Salesforce Integration Architect

As a technical co-leader for data and system integration You will work with business executives and end-users. The job encompasses many fileds, such as conceptualization of new enterprise applications and integration schemes for operations, making recommendations for technical resources and strategie. It means being a member of an internal agile team, overseeing and/or participating in all spects of high-level planning, development and deployment of data and system integration projects.


Location: Stuttgart

This is what you would do more specifically:

  • Advise executable plans to transform existing environments into end-state,
  • Design integration strategies and convert them into a technical solution,
  • Establish corresponding standards and initiate as well as drive the selection process for integration components,
  • Lead architectural and engineering reviews of proposed IT investments and provide technical recommendations to senior leaders.


This is what should be part of your skillset and experience:

  • At least eight years of international work experience,
  • An intimate knowledge and success with architectural design and delivery in technologies such as cloud, mobile, web, APIs/microservices, automation, continuous integration and continuous deployment,
  • Lead complex efforts within established Software,
  • Development Lifecycles and methodologies including agile, scrum, iterative and waterfall, using blended resources,
  • Fairly good oral and written communication skills in English. 


What can you expect being a part of Colours of Data:

  • Stimulating solution-searching atmosphere in the team, who lives on building unexpected and innovative solutions to people’s everyday problems;
  • Support and leadership that will help you to grow fast and be always few steps ahead of their industry fellows;
  • A friendly and flexible environment where people inspire each other even in non-working matters;
  • Tough competition if you are a runner or a cyclist :-)

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